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Monday, April 2, 2007 @ 8:58 PM
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Summer already started but I already feel bored.


My mom wanted the two of us learn how to play tennis which is okay with me cause I've always dreamt about playing this sport, it seems fun and ........ okay to tell you the truth I wanted to play this sports because of the anime I've watch 'Prince of Tennis' seems really stupid right? But you gotta admit that it looks fun.......


I know that I don't write good blogs but still hoping that somebody out there read this.


Anyway I'm planning to join the 2007 animax pan-asia animation competition. Its a contest where you send your original scripts, comics or novels. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize, in addition to having his/her work animated by A-1 Pictures. The winning piece will air on Animax in 2008.

I really really hope that I can win. This year's theme is A Story I Wanted To Be Animated. I already have a plot but I'm not quite sure if I'll based my contest piece in it. And if I'd be the winner I get to go to Tokyo, Japan. (Sushi hear I come)


Miss my classmates, can't help being sad wishing that i can be with them now talking and just fooling around with them. Really miss them so much .

This past few days I keep day dreaming that I'm with my friends at disney land enjoying ourselves until one of us pass out.


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