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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 4:19 PM
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I can't help myself. I really wanted to post this. These are Big Bang's UFO replies that were translated to English. I found this in monday morning. I can't help myself but smile when I read this. They are truly so cute.

Note: UFO is an online site where Korean fans leave messages for their favorite idols and then the idols can choose to reply back with a normal message or a video message.
Seungri’s replies.

Seungri ah, how can we see all of you?

- Come to Korea ^^

Seungri-goon, take care of yourself~if you become a panda then you can’t eat meat anymore.
- Does that mean if I become as fat as a panda that I can’t eat meat anymore?

Seungri ah, I think I prefer you being funny…although I think it’s cool when you’re a cute boy too.
- You like it when I’m being funny? ^^

Seungri ah, yesterday I dreamed of you…that was my wish for the whole day and it finally happened at night! Hehe, I hope I dream of you every day.
- Give me money for appearing hehe ^^

Ah…noona has been sick for the past few days. It hurts. Seungri ah, say something comforting to noona.
- Listen to our music ^^ Music can cure your sickness.

Seungri ah, I’m on a diet. Buy me something to eat!
- ^^ What do you want to eat?

Seungri oppa, come here and give me a hug! One more week until our exam! I’m scared oppa…pray that I’ll be okay! I want Jiyong oppa too!
- Come here…I’ll give you a hug ^^

Seungri oppa, are you having fun with your activities in Japan? You must study hard for your Japanese! P.S. You also need to study hard for Chinese ^n^
- ^^ Chinese is so hard.

Ha~~~Seungri ah! Even though you’re older than me by a year but I still want you to call me noona! ~>_<~
- Hoho…no I don’t want to.

Seungri, have you been sleeping well? It seems your dark circles have become worse. Rest more…otherwise I’ll be sad…
- Dark circles are my charisma though ^^

Seungri ah! Can you give your phone number to me? I’ll give you a call and then we can talk? Does Jiyong oppa have a girlfriend? Tell the truth!
- Ah, that’s a secret.

G-Dragon's Replies
Oppa I want to go to the washroom, but it’s really dark outside and I’m scared. I think I’m going to burst.
Where is it? Let oppa take you there!

Ah! Kwon Jiyong I’m about to go crazy! When will you reply my message?
What’s going on…you can’t go crazy…

If I don’t see 5 messages fly to me in 1 second, I won’t talk anymore.
What’s the point of living if we can’t talk?

I’m going to like Seungri if you don’t reply my message~
I replied, so Seungri is still mine.

Jiyong ah, let’s go to the park.
What are you going to do to me if we go?

Jiyong ah~Jiyong ah~What are you doing??
I should go shower but since I have to reply messages to all my girlfriends, I’m just sitting in front of my computer..ㅠㅠ

It’s already midnight and no one is around?? Who’s here? Really miss you all~ㅠ
I’m here hehehehe. BIGBANG are night owls!

Jiyong oppa! Let Seungri oppa go! He’s mine ㅠㅠ Will you let go or not? Ah..!
You want to fight…? Seungri is mine…..hehehe. Just kidding ^^

Jiyong ah, are you sleeping? Waiting for your reply…
I haven’t slept yet…oppa is replying you now kk

Jiyong ah, noona got bitten by 10 mosquitoes while sending you a message…there was a lot of blood…reply my message…
-Ah! I was also attacked by mosquitoes just now…. these bad guys…let’s both scream at these mosquitoes! Hehe…

Oppa, let’s date?
Shouldn’t it be ‘let’s get married’?? That’s correct isn’t it? ^^ Hehe…we’re still young…we’ll talk about this later ^^

Did you tell everyone our secret travel plan happening tomorrow?
Ah…Seungri already knows…I guess we have to cancel it now kk.

There’s so many stars in the sky. This one is mine~whose is that one? ^^*
That star is also yours.

TOP's Replies
I like TOP the most
- Aigoo…really….? ^^

TOP TOP oppa! Hehe I heard you will have a replies day today hehe. Hurry and reply my message~
- There’s no point if I reply too fast though! ^^

Ah…annyeong…I just found out about UFO..ㅠㅠ, Oppa how are you? I hope you reply my message..ㅠㅠ
Hold on! My message is here! Zang!

It’s so hard to receive a reply from Choi Seunghyun oppa……^^

That’s because I’m not a cheap man ^^; Sorry


Lalala…I am Sam (refers to his drama)…every time I dream about TOP oppa, I see your eyelashes and you’re always holding a pot of flowers…it’s now midnight and I just remembered..
Then noona, you’re the flowers in my pot.

Choi Seunghyun ㅠㅠ, aren’t you too handsome? Your noona here is also beautiful and sincere…
Don’t I look more like a dinosaur ^^

Oppa~Am I pretty?
Ahh….you’re really pretty.

I believe oppa is thinking about me right now.
Ah! I got caught…?

Daesung's Replies
Ah…I can’t sleep because I’m scared ghosts will appear. When I grow up I have to sleep by myself too…- I’m Daesung~!! Aren’t I always by your side?~ ^^ Daesung is my ideal type. Daesung is my prince in shining armour.
I’m Daesung~!! Then you are….my princess…? If so….^^

I’m not going to allow you to like Doraemon so much anymore! If you still like him, I’m going to chop him up into 2 pieces…- My heart hurts……don’t be like that ㅠㅠㅠㅠ my Doraemon… Oppa I hope all of you live a long life….that way you can live long with me~~
I’m Daesung~!! Ahh….I now have a reason to live longer? ^^

Daesung ah~Smile~! Don’t ever show us a blank face….Daesung please show us your smile ㅠㅠ Protect your voice too ^^ fighting!
I’m Daesung~!! Ah~I love to smile ah ㅠ Blank face is scary isn’t it!!! Hehe…

source: weibo + trans:mystifize@twitter via jwalkervip@tumblr

Am I the only one who thinks that GD is a flirt here? He keeps teasing his fans. kyaa. kinikilig ako sa sagot niya. All of there answers are so adorable :) Now, do you understand why I can't help but smile?

I had my 2nd PE class in table tennis today. It was so fun! I met 5 new friends. We were so noisy during the practices. 2 of them gave me their number. Hope we can be REAL friends. I love meeting new people. It was a good thing that we're on the same table. Can wait for next wednesday. I think I did pretty good for a beginner. I'll do my best to get that 1.00 grade!

On the other note, I've finished 2 dramas in two days plus a movie. Will blog about it later or on friday. I'm loving Nino in Arashi! He's so cute in the drama I've watch.

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.