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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 6:36 PM
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Thanks for the awards that you gave to me but I'm not in the mood. Really Sorry. I think I'll blog about it on friday or when I feel better.#wesupportdaesung, daesung and vips are currently trending on twitter.

This is my reaction to Daesung's accident :|

My last post was about my bias and now he's involve in this tragic car accident. I feel sad that he has to go through this, frustrated that we still don't know what really happen and angry at those stupid heartless antis who calls Daesung a murderer.

According to the Seoul YoungDeung Po Police Station, “On the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge, Daesung crashed into an already-passed-out motorcyclist with his car. It was identified that he crashed into a motorcyclist who was passed out from a previous accident.

Since most of my blogger friends are into kpop, I think most of you know this already. I wanted to cry. I saw this news very early in the morning and I thought that it was not that serious until I read the whole article which stated that the motorcyclist died. I'm sorry for his family. On the comment area there was a youtube link of the news and I saw Daesung shaking and scared that I couldn't help but worry and the stupid media filming him while he was in the police station. MYGAWD. It's like they're accusing him at that moment. I've just downloaded Big Show concert 2010 and this happened. I planned to watch it tonight but every time I see Daesung I feel sad and I wanted to cry. I tried my best to stop thinking of him for just a few hours so that I can look for my freaking ID that I lost but those antis commenting on his articles makes me wanna punch them so hard and curse them.

Is it wrong to be worried about our idol? Is it? I don't get why some people keep on commenting that "they're sad that people keeps talking about Daesung and not care at all to the dead motorcyclist". Can't they read the comments. I saw tons of them wishing that Daesung will be alright and RIP to that guy. Some we're logical saying that he may be at fault and I agree with that. He was speeding.He told that to the police himself. I'm just so angry reading jokes about what happen and other hating on him. It's not even funny. UGH. It's not yet proven that it's he's fault but ANTIS ARE SPAMMING DAESUNG’S ME2DAY ACCUSING HIM AS A MURDERER.

How DARE they! They are horrible heartless bastards. They don't know what he's going through. He'll be living with this guilt for the rest of his life. I also can't believe the nerve of those who commented that "Thank god this happen to an unimportant big bang member". I was like D:< I don't know what to say. Even if haters continue to hate, I will always support him.

This may sound silly or even stupid coming from an overseas fan who does not know him personally but I owe him. Yes, it's his job to sing and entertain people but everything that he did made me smile. When I feel really depressed, I cry..... a LOT and watch variety shows. His episodes we're always the funniest and the stupidest things I've ever seen and it never failed to make me laugh and smile like an idiot even if it's just for a moment.

I just had to write this so that I can feel just a little bit better. I wonder what he's doing right now. Are Big Bang, 2ne1 and others comforting him? Does the family blame him? So many questions are going through my head right now. I need to rest for now. I've been in a really bad mood since this incident.

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Blogger bubbles said...

fcking antis! i hope they... nevermind. Anyway, Im sure everything will be okay. Daesung's innocent. Don't stress. Hope you'll be ok soon :)

June 1, 2011 at 12:15 PM  
Blogger S H E N 【 ★ 】 said...

I was really shocked about the news. And I feel so bad for Daesung. I'm sure this is one of his darkest times right now. He's such a nice guy ...

I agree, those anti just keeps on putting all the blame on him. Their words are sooo way beyond the limit >___<

Let's support Daesung and pray for him. Hope you're feeling fine now, Unnie :)

June 2, 2011 at 6:37 PM  
Anonymous drennie said...

Gah. I read that news. And oh my, anti's are accusing him?! My goodness. They don't know what they're doing! They could permanently damage the person's life!

Let's just pray that everything will be okay... T_T Poor daesung!

June 3, 2011 at 8:23 PM  

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