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Monday, June 4, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
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Yehey! Only 1 more week before classes starts.I’m really exited to see my old valdocci classmates again.

But not all is perfect in my world…… *sob*sob* causenot all of us are in the same class. This just made me feel frustrated.

I still remember the last day of school as if it was yesterday… muntik pa nga akong umiyak eh. I just don't want to part from any of them. Love ko kasi silang lahat.....

Enough of all the drama already.......

Yesterday afternoon I'd found out what section I'm in. Drum roll please...... 2nd Year Castelnuovo.... I'm kind of happy and sad at the same time, Happy becausesome of my friends are my classmates. Like Kc , Noreen , Angelie , Domz , and Carl.....

To all my valdocci classmate out there don't forget me........ Love you all...... as friends.

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