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Sunday, April 11, 2010 @ 9:39 PM
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Okay. I've been addicted this korean drama that I'm watching. I'm so loving it. You're so Beautiful is its title. Since it's summer and I only have a few days I'm planning to watch as many dramas and anime as I can. I also want to read many many mangas:)

One sad goodbye, HOW can I say goodbye to good times when I fell as if our
lives have just begun. Time is flashing by, how can I even try to find the right words to say goodbye to you my FRIENDS ~ One Sad Goodbye (our graduation song)

I'm now an official graduate of Caritas Don Bosco School Batch '10! weeh! I'm also a certified alumni and a member of Don Bosco's Salesian Family from all around the world. After 13 years of studying in this school I can say that I'm really lucky that I have met many great people. I've learn a lot of things not only from my teachers but also from my peers. Of course I can't deny the fact that my high school life was the most memorable time of my life! If I'm with all my friends and classmates now, I'm gonna tell each of them how much I love them so much, how much I enjoyed being with them and how I'm very very thankful that I met every single one of them. I already miss my MOFERRATO family :( Teresa graduated with us. She may not be our batch's Valedictorian but she receive the highest award of all, St. John Bosco Award. Inah gave an amazing speech. It was a 100 times better than what I expected from her. no offense. I'm so happy and proud for her. Kev holds the record for the number of medals received in our batch.
It ended pretty late and I don't have that many pictures with them(ugh. tsk) but I guess hugging as many people as I could suffice all of that. Amp! I miss them already :(

We ate at Zoong. When we got there Kev and Lianne were already there with their family. Love the food! I was so full. Then we went to Grandpa's house. I just showed him my diploma and medals. I'm so proud! Then home sweet home!

Pictures would be posted soon. I hope :)

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.