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Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 8:42 PM
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I have just watch Asia Myx featuring U-Kiss. I like them :) P doesn't. aww. I think this is the first time she didn't like what i like. Regarding music. We are not the same after all.

HAPPY 5 P <3

I like them better than Suju. Bingeul Bingeul is actually a good song compared to the other k-pop song I've heard. Much better than 2ne1's new song try and follow me. tsk. Kevin: Our songs are upbeat and addictive. The steps are really easy to follow. I agree. It may sound corny to others but.... I don't know how to explain. K-pop and J-pop are unique genres. I'm proud to be fan. It's really too bad that I can't sing Korean songs. I can't pronounce their words unlike Japanese song :( Just give me the melody and romaji lyrics and I'm all set :D

I'm currently obsessed with.... not Big Bang.....HSB's "Score" I know I've blog about that a few days ago but it really has a gentle melody that makes me want to sing it. I'm memorizing the lyrics right now :))) Hearing Kei's voice... always makes me smile. iloveyabumorethough:)

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