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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 9:02 PM
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My trip to Manila was...................... ooookaay?

It was a cool experience. I feel such a dork riding the MRT and LRT for the first time. I was like 'astig' and 'ganito pala ito'. Probinsyana much! The long walk to UST was hell! The brunch stop at kfc was heaven! The dvd's in quipo was paradise. It was my first time there so don't shoot me for being excited. I'm accustomed on speaking taglish when I'm with my dad. That's why he told me to refrain myself from doing that because the people there might not give me any discount or whatsoever. It was hard at first but the i try to shut myself up by telling myself that my dad would not bring me here anymore.

I found and bought two Hey! Say! JUMP concert dvd's, Jump-ing Tour and their very first concert in Tokyo Dome. The Jump-ing Tour was my favorite concert ever. Well since I've never been to Japan and I've only watch their performances thru the help of the Internet, it was just one of the few concerts that I've watch.

Oh yeah, on the way home my dad ask me if I wanted to try riding the LRT alone. At first, I didn't agreed to it since I thought that it would be scary riding it alone. What the hell, it was my first time there might as well try it. During my 15-20 minutes ride there, I kept looking at the card on every station which is really silly and I think that some people were actually looking at me. Then we both rode the MRT back to glorietta where we parked are car. So basically, my experience there was an unforgettable one, kinda :))

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.