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Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 8:24 PM
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Supposed to be blog last night. Saturday. 10:47pm. using Notepad.

OKAAAYY. Someone disconnected me from the net : I think it was my dad. As I was blogging a while ago, I wanted to blog about BIG BANG. A Korean group composed of 5 members. Everybody, especially here in the country who are new to the K-pop world, are making big fuss about Super Junior. They are the one of the K-pop artist who are mostly watched by the people here, that was just base on the charts in myx. Big Bang is better! I want to talk about them more. Maybe tomorrow :)

The point is I got hooked on a manga. I fell in love with it. Since the last time I blog, all I ever did was read and read and read shoujo mangas and download k-pop songs. (big bang. yeah, i know. nerd).My latest love was entitled Koko no Iru Yo. A really really cute story. I will write (or search:P) for it's summary tomorrow but for now Oyasumi nasai :) [good night]

Big Bang rocks Tonight :D ~ Gara gara go -BG

Current time. 8:27 pm

U U U U KISS. Their song is also catchy. But not as catchy as L-O-LL-I-P-O-P. Big Bang's Lollipop 2 is really awesome. Super Junior will have their first concert here on friday. amp, I so wanna go. T.T

I swear that if ever Big Bang will be coming here I'll be SURE to go there. And my seat will have the greatest view. VIP please :))

ROFL. I'm currently watching Big Bang's Coffee Prince Parody from one of their past concert. It is so funny. HILARIOUS. Seriously. G-Dragon and T.O.P. are so cute. Gd, I'm falling for you :)


hahaXD I'm in the middle of watching the parody. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaha:))))))
I'm really laughing so hard now. T.O.P. getsto hug G-d. I'm so jealous : and entertaine at the same time :))))))))))))) G-dragon is acting as the heroine in the parody and T.O.P. as the male lead. hahahahahahahahahaha:)))))))))))))))))))

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