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Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 10:13 PM
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We had a movie marathon at Inah's house. Two movies lang but i thought that the two movies were so awesome :) i'm so easy to pleased eh. Keena, Alyssa and P were there. It was my friendship monthasary with Alys! P was mad at me since I forgot our friendship monthsary :( it was the day before yesterday May 5. I completely forgot. I said sorry to her so many times. SORRY TALAGA P :(

Anyway, we've watch first the movie entitled the Uninvited. Really Scary for me. I was gonna post a picture of it BUT I got really scared when I saw one picture of the movie poster from a site 0.o I like the story a lot. It's not horror. I guess it's kinda a more of a suspense type of movie.The girl from sucker punch is also the leading actress here. She's so pretty :> but i don't really get how the uninvited is connected to the story. Maybe because it sounds scary like a title from a horror movie.
After shouting and making my heart beat twice as fast how it usually is, we've watched A Moment To Remember! It's a korean movie. I don't usually watch Tear Jerker movies since I cry easily. I love it. I didn't cry that much since I'm with my friends. I couldn't stop my tears even if I try. It's not exactly sad but the guy was really really really really really SWEET! True Love is really amazing, right! Some of this movie's quotes :>

Forgiving is giving your hate just a little room in your heart.
Cheol-su: If you forget everything, I’ll pop up out of nowhere. Like now. And I’ll hit on you. You won’t be able to turn me down. We’ll start anew every day. Like permanent dating. Awesome, isn’t it?
Su-jin: I’ll forget everything soon. I won’t know why you’re with me. You’ll be gone from my mind. And so will I. You understand? As my memory disappears, my soul will too. I’m scared. [Falls to her feet, crying]
Cheol-su: Why would your soul disappear? Get up. Leave it to me. I’m your memory. I’m your heart. Got that? No more tears.
OMG. I can't even explain why I love this movie! It was funny at first and I thought I wouldn't cry. It broke my heart in a perfect way!! >.< After watching, we went to the park. tambay. we've just talk. They still have summer classes but atleast they still receive allowances. Boo for me. Then we ate dinner at inah's place then they went home :) All girls kami. I think the boys feels that it's awkward hanging with us. We overpower them :P

Oh yeah, I got my invisible retainer today. I don't like it one bit. It's so hard for me to speak and I sound gibberish >.<

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I bought Mango Bravo cake from Contis for my mom. It was so expensive for me but I didn't want to be cheap since it's for her. I'm planning on making breakfast for her tomorrow morning and maybe sing song for her. I love her so much. Hope she likes it <3

People are visiting my blog again. So happy :D and I met new online buddies!

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