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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 @ 7:22 PM
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I am in SUPER fangirl mode. I've been downloading Hey! Say! JUMP photos. And I'm super duper excited about their upcoming single. And the fact that I'll see Yama-chan in a his new drama after quite a while since Scrap Teacher. Maybe I'll watch it after our final exams. I just love the fact that the girls in his class only like chinen and daiki and NOT him. haha. Which is an exact opposite in real life. If you'll ask HSJ fans out there most of them would say Yama-chan in there favorite. If you are wondering who I love like, I'm more of a Yuto fan. It's almost a tie with Yama-chan.
I've watch the news (from youtube) of HSJ's new album. In the video, you can see HSJ singing a part of their new song. Here's a picture of Yamada in his new drama.

Oh before that I want to remember this:

The mysterious Class Q student. *faints* This is Yamada as Amakusa Ryu in Tantei Gakuen Q.(One of the best anime and drama that I've watched)

And him now:

I fainted when I saw this. There is a bear behind him. KAWAII. This was taken from his commercial:) I'm just so EXCITED!! I'll definitely watch this. Hidarime Tantei EYE in January 23 :]
Still a Yuto fan though.

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