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Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 9:47 PM
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Yesterday I woke up around 7:30. My dad was in a bad mood. He was looking for some receipt I think. When I came down I saw Meng wearing the dress that daddy gave her :D SHE is so ADORABLE<3 She wore that the whole morning then dad asked my sister to take it off her. ilovemeng. When the clothes were remove I think she felt embarrassed since she was not that playful after a few minutes. :P hahaha. Shy Meng XD I was so bored the whole day. There is no shooting for the English project. Tsk. I just want to finish all my projects NOW.

Since I'm dying of boredom already I decided to watch a new anime. 'Onegai Twins' from the makers of Please Teacher. It is really a cute story about.....
Maiku Kamishiro, Karen Onodera, and Miina Miyafuji are three high school students that were drawn together by a photograph of their childhood home which later makes all of them seek out the house in the picture. However, the picture only has two children - a boy and a girl. Hence, only one of the girls, Karen or Miina, is related to Maiku. The only other identifying feature of the pair in the picture is that the boy and the girl have eyes of the same unusual color; a feature that furthers the ambiguity as all three of them have the same eye color. The main concern of the male lead, Maiku, is that he is in love with both of the girls, and he does not know which one is his twin. In addition, the two girls are in love with Maiku, forming a love triangle that can't be resolved until the truth of their relationship is known. The three main characters, mostly the two female leads, are in a predicament of wanting to discover their past versus the risk of losing a romantic relationship. The events of the story are set after Please Teacher! and characters from the series appear in supporting roles throughout Please Twins! [from wikipedia]

sorry! I suck at writing summaries. Anyway, this is really cute and I recommend it to those shoujo lovers out there.

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