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Sunday, January 3, 2010 @ 7:00 PM
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Yes. Finally I'm posting something again. I've been so lazy these past few days. All I did was eat and watch anime. any things happen and I certainly don't know where to begin.

Christmas Party was okay. We went to Beng's house and watch paranormal activity. I was really scared. I like watching scary movie but these is just plain horrifying. But still, I enjoyed it. Hmm. I was with Patrisia, Inah, Lianne, Keena, Jaz, Oca, Monica, Bleza, Josh and of course Beng.

After watching and being lock in the CR all of us went to Paseo but parted shortly after our arrival there. P, Inah, Lianne, Keena, Oca and I stayed there for quite sometime. Then Doms came, took Patrisia from us. haha. date?! After a while we went to Inah's house. ate tinola? (i think) We were suppose to go caroling. tsk. Lianne has to go home early with Patrisia. Then Oca. How sad.

The next day, I went caroling with Miggy, Inah, Mikee, Ann, Ish, Edward and Basti. Had so much Fun!! In the end each of us got 152 php. (Not sure again, more or less) Really a memorable night. haha. Oh. Nagpakulot kami ng hair. Yung mga girls:) First time namin ni Inah.

Christmas Eve/ Mom's Birthday:)

My relatives from Bicol came here. It was fun. First time seeing Meng:) Mom gave us our gifts one by one. Each a ticket to EK. weeh.


Happy Birthday Jesus!! We went to mass. I saw Sir Renz, Tr. Jho, Sisters and SA. Then went to Lolo's house to get our socks.Then home. We ate breakfast then my mm and other relatives went too Be Air. Finally, we went to EK. gawd. There were so many people! I didn't really enjoyed it much. Oh wait. I, Earl, Yeng and Toei tried that sensor gun war? (sorry i forgot what it's called) and had so much fun. Medyo laughtrip pero masaya.

Here's some pictures:

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