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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 @ 8:44 AM
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Here at school :D

After a year of waiting and praying Hey! Say! JUMP will finally release their 5th album. Yatta!! God knows how long I've been waiting for this day. The title of their single is Hitomi no Screen it will be the song for Yamada's new drama Hidarime Tantei. And Yes, a detective role again. It's okay since he was a great Ryuu Amakusa in Tantei Gakuen Q. Can't wait. I'll post the unofficial lyrics of this song later.

Yesterday, I have just finish watching Johnny's Countdown for 2010. It was awesome. Too bad Hey! Say! 7 can't perform past midnight:( but i saw them :) My fave performance was when Arashi was singing Kanjani8's song (with actions) and vice-versa. Kanjani8's version of One Love is hilarious. I was laughing so hard that time. I also love when different JE performers such as ARASHI, NEWS, KANJANI8, KAT-TUN and others became back-up dancers to their senpai. Jin was not that lively though. Oh. Shuji and Akira (Kame and Yamapi) also performed their song Seishun Amigo. I remembered young Yuto in Nobuta wo Produce. kawaii!
I found some Yamajima Pictures from LJ:))

how I miss these guys :( Look how cute they were and how mature they are now.
Yama-chan is always with Chinen. Don't get me wrong i love Chinen but I think Yama-chan and him are a bit over expose compared to the other HSJ members.Does Johnny-san hate Yuto? Why doesn't he give him more projects? tsk. Just a few years from now maybe they'll actin a ROMANTIC dramas like MatsuJun. haha. And I'm the leading lady. (I CAN dream right?!)

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