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Friday, January 8, 2010 @ 6:48 PM
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I've just finished watching the special episode of Hidarime Tantei Eye which was release last October. When I saw the videos on youtube I was like,"where were I? how did I miss these?". I was pissed and happy at the same time. (did that make sense?) Anyways. I LOVE IT! Yama-chan looks so cool!!

After watching 10 parts of that SP in youtube I came across a video featuring the voices of HSJ members singing Hitomi no Screen. I think it was recorded during one of their concert tours. I was mesmerized hearing Yama-chan say I LOVE YOU. I know that I should be happy but I can't help being disappointed that Yama-chan would be the center of attention. AGAIN. I just don't think it's fair that out of those 10 he'll get more solo parts than the rest of them just because he is the man actor of the drama. It does make sense but still... they should treat the other 9 well.

KC tagged me in this picture in Facebook :))

Isn't he just so adorable. I know that it is in hs chibi form but I can't help smiling. You know why I love this picture so much? The clothes that the mini David Archuletas are wearing looks exactly the clothes he wore during the competition. How awesome is that?

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