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Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 8:00 PM
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I know that I should be studying right now but I want to post some of the pictures from the despidada party a week ago. Where is she going? Singapore. why? scholarship in some school. When will she get back? I dunno. Who is she again? She's only the SMARTEST person in our batch. :D Bye Teresa, I miss you already. We are not that close during our 3 years in high school. First time ko pa siya na naging kaklase.(HS) tsk. BTW, she was the one who program Batibot. T.T

Marko was blocking all of us. Eating time:D

Nikki was thrown into the pool.LOL Picture in the club house

Random picture with twin at forbes. look at that socks.

Pretty Teresa! :3


T for Teresa. Seniors

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