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Thursday, October 15, 2009 @ 7:17 PM
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How I hate them! agh. who invented it anyway? haha:D To tell you the truth I think KNOW I did NOT do well on the exam. I forgo to write my section and date on the title block. Gahhd! So Stewpid of me. And my other subjects... don't even wanna talk about them. huhuhu T.T Sana Achiever pa rin ako D:
My dad just came back from US last Monday. The excitement in the house is still there maybe that is why I can't concentrate on the exams Last Monday I went with my mom and dad at Duty Free to buy some groceries and CHOCOLATES!!! Yum:3 My dad has lots of pictures during his trip. He went to Universal Studios. I want to go there too. He has picture with spongebob. I want one too :P


He has many pasalubong for us. Mine is a pink? violet? netbook! iloveit! Thank you daddy!!! iloveyou! and you know what? I'm using it right now. haha. Too bad I can't install games here. tsk. I want to play SIMS 3 too. Daddy bought a sketchers for me. its brown :D and a dress for Meng. Daddy really loves Meng.<3>

Fun Day with my friends today. We went to Paseo. Browse around in National Bookstore but mainly looking at those awesome pictures of Jacob (New Moon Movie Guide). We ate liempo. yum. We went around paseo going through the stores one by one. We saw some really cute dresses but were to expensive for me. huhu. I like the clothes in the Korean Store. I need to save some money so I can buy one before Christmas. That is my new goal in life. haha. Then we went to Starbucks but didn't buy anything then to Mcdo just to eat some ice cream. Laugh Trip the whole time and I had so MUCH FUN!!!

Twin and Me in the tricycle OUR ICE CREAMS:3
Twin and Inah Me and Trish

so messy after eating. doooooodles :P

outside McDO

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.