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Sunday, May 16, 2010 @ 10:56 PM
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Okay. We all know that Big Bang with champion figure skating Kim Yuna will be supporting Team Korea in the upcoming 2010 South Africa Fifa World Cup but did you know Kim Yuna can sing? This girl has the moves, the looks and the voice. Watch the video below and you'll understand what I mean :)

COOL. I really like this song. Up-beat and has a nice message. GD's voice is LOVE. Kim Yuna's voice really fits in this song. It makes me wanna support Korea. What the heck, Go Korea Republic :D

I love all the videos that they have released :) So cute and funny at the same time. Today, there have been 3 clips shown to the public. Can't wait for the fourth one.Clip 1 Clip 2

Here's the third one. Not all of us can understand the Korean language so here's what the video is all about. From : In Part 3 of the story, the Big Bang boys finally get to meet Kim Yuna! Everyone is happy to see her and Daesung continues the Part 2 storyline by playing it off like he’s close to her. The boys are initially impressed by Daesung and Daesung says to her, “Long time no see!” In which Kim Yuna replies, “Um… this is my first time meeting you.” This resulted in the boys making fun of Daesung and saying, “Embarrassing!” Which makes Daesung run out of the room ashamed. It then cuts to various clips of the boys and Kim Yuna singing the fight song.

Daesung is so funny. Oh wait, he's always funny. I really can't wait for the fourth one :) Did any of you notice the dance room in the end? I heard that's YG's new dance practice room. If you have watch the first one, you'll see YG's new building. Awesome. Have I mention how I love their song? :D

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