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Sunday, May 9, 2010 @ 8:22 PM
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March 9. Mother's Day! I woke up early. We went to the church. My stupid sister and I are wearing the same shirt. I usually don't agree doing this kind of stuff but since my mom insisted, I couldn't help but to say yes. Just One time! We ate at Rayuma, a Japanese restaurant. I had beef curry. It was my first time. Love it. It's spicy. I like spicy food:)It was a nice experience. I felt like a very important person there. We had a whole room for just ourselves. I thought that there were only a few customers since we're the first one but after going out of the room it was jam pack. I would definitely go there with friends next time.

Happy Mother's Day to the BEST MOM EVER!

Me with my Four seasons drink and Beef Curry!

We wet around a bit and saw a KTV bar. Not just an ordinary KTV bar, It has Japanese and Korean songs. :) I started walking near it and saw posters of 2pm and Girls Generation on the window. I was so excited that I run near it and search for some familiar faces. I saw Big Bang. Ah, it made my day :D I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!

Next Stop, Rustan. Grocery shopping. I don't really like shopping there to be honest. Maybe because it's so small compared to the usual grocery store that we go to. My super annoying sister got mad (i think) because I chose strawberry. I was joking around and I said that if she wants she can get the vanilla one. She kinda said whatever so WHATEVER.

I got home. Took a shower then decided to surf the net. My sister and I got in a fight(small one though). I really can't wait for college. It will be the new start that I need. Goodbye to her :D

Good thing Big Bang Videos made me smile again!

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