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Sunday, May 16, 2010 @ 4:11 PM
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It has been exactly one year since the David vs. David Concert. Since I was on hiatus during that time, I didn't post my great experience at that concert.

I can still remember the day when KC, Inah and I were so excited upon hearing this great news. I was the undecided one. I didn't have any money. 3 weeks before the concert, Inah's mom ask me if I was going to the concert. I told her most probably not. I had the courage to ask my oh-so-busy parents if I can go to the concert with Inah and they said YES. We decided to buy the gold tickets. Inah's mom bought the V.I.P. ones.(I'm a VIP. haha:P) I was afraid that my dad would kill me since all he knew that we were going to buy the gold ones. When I told him the news, he didn't have any negative reaction to it and he was smiling. I was jumping in joy deep inside. A week before the concert, we found out that KC's parents didn't allow her. Sad.

I was watching their every move when they got here. From Eat Bulaga guesting to 89.9 interviews :) The day of the concert...TRAFFIC but worth it. David Archuleta came out of nowhere. People shouting. Inah and I, singing with him(haha:P) I absolutely love all his songs. David A's last song :( David Cook came out with his band. People shouting again. They sang Always be my Baby. All the people sang with him. It's the only song I know since I'm not 'a big fan' of him. They sang a song together. The concert ended at 11pm. Got home at around 2 in the morning.

My first concert ever. I LOVE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA! I hope he comes back soon :D I miss watching American Idol Season 7. For me, season 7 was the best!

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