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Thursday, May 13, 2010 @ 11:08 AM
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My tummy hurts :( I didn't get the chance to watch glee last night so I have to watch the replay this morning. Glee's latest episode is good as usual but I enjoyed watching Pops in Seoul more though. Kevin, Alexander and Eli always makes my day. Too bad their radio show only airs once a week. *sigh* I WAS not a big fan of U-kiss before but after watching their radio show, they now have a soft spot in my heart. cheeesssy :))

Today's episode was about SES. This is my 2ND time hearing about them. The first was when Big Bang did a parody on one of their song at the REAL Concert. It's so funny. U-Kiss and Big Bang Fighting! :) Alexander is always so funny. Kevin is like a girl. No offense. I find it cute. Eli is..... well his Eli :) Pops in Seoul will never be complete without anyone of them. Check out the I LOVE YOU game below :D

Kevin's confession is the best! I was laughing so hard. really. My sister and dad were looking like me as if I'm a crazy person :)

Thanks to Jham I saw the U-Kiss' concert teaser. So hyper. Alexander was wearing an Egyptian hat. Why? I 'm not really sure :)

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