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Saturday, May 15, 2010 @ 11:35 AM
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I wanna be a VIP. An official one :( I was googling on different sites to find a way to become an official VIP. I know that most fan clubs like ELF and Cassiopeia have international members already. I never heard an International VIP before. I saw on one post that you need a Korean Social Security to be a member of their fan club. tsk. So if any of you guys know if I can join or how to join, please tell me. I treat myself as a VIP though :D I've already join various groups on the net if that helps.

Moving on. I absolutely love Lee Hyori's duet with Daesung. I really really like the song. Their voice really suites this song :)

Daesung and Hyori's MAGIC dance :))

Daesung is so funny and adorable. He's different from other idols and that's what makes him unique.

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