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Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 11:18 AM
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I just love how Big Bang are close with the people in their company. Their president seems so nice too. I'm so jealous of Dara. She has many admirers like Kevin and Alexander of U-Kiss. She featured in GD's song Hello. She gets to kiss T.O.P and Lee Minho.

daughter of a famous actor and actress in Korean with Daesung. What a lucky girl!!

Now, she's with G-Dragon. I'm really jealous right now. They are so cute. I really really want his hat!

EK is a no go. Nikki is in Baguio. I think she's there because of her enrollment. UP Baguio. Good Luck! I'm a bit sad. The good side is that my sister has a 'gala' of her own which means I can use the computer all afternoon. YEY! Watching 2ne1 vids and I'm really surprise that I'm actually enjoying myself.

Mother's day is coming up. I know that we're gonna eat somewhere nice this Sunday. I'm getting excited thinking about it. I hope Tita Ayep, Tita Mona, Kate and my cousins will come here in Laguna. I heard my mom and dad talking last night and base on their conversation we MIGHT eat at a Japanese Restaurant in Paseo. I don't mind though. In fact thinking about it makes me wish that it'll be Sunday soon.

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