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Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ 8:42 PM
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The first day of May. Last Thursday I broke my earphones of my phone and now my phone too. My phone sucks. Really sucks. I want a new one but now is really not the right time. I'm gonna be in college in one month. I can't ask my parents to buy me a new one :( A daughter whose gonna be studying in UST for 5 years and 2 other children enrolled in a private school. We are not poor okay. I know that they can buy me one if they really want. I have a spare one, so I guess it's cool. I don't wanna burden them since they'll be giving me so much stuff n the future like the condo, air con, bed, study table and allowances :D

G-Dragon. I'm so obsess with you! When I was looking at the lollipop 2 promotional pics I can't help to stare at T.O.P and GD's eyes. They look so cute in their outfit. Innocent and childish. I am now a die hard fan. I want to wear G-Dragon's shoes. (He's the one wearing the yellow shirt.) G-Dragon is a true heart breaker!

I miss my friends, my classmates and teachers. Who knew this summer would be this boring. Last summer was a busy one. I can't believe that college entrance exams are done. I can still remember my first day in braintrain. The funny teachers that I met, talking to inah and KC about Davids' concert day after day, the car ride to and from LB. Fun times. I miss the voice of Alice, P's laugh, Carl's annoying facial expressions, when Leo and Jerick fights and so many more... Now I'm getting depressed. *sigh* I miss those guys!

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.