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Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 6:52 PM
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Went to Noreen's house last monday. Their village was so big that we got lost. It took us a while to find there house..although I've been there already. When I got at Noreen's the others are not yet there, after a while Noreen receive a text message that most of our classmate is at Mcdo (in walter). Anyways we pick them up and end up coming back in time for lunch. Practice was really tiring and most of the boys at that time were just goofing around. It amazes me how we manage to finish the steps for our dance. Only problem now is the singing and some steps for partners...

Here are some smiling moments.....
Castel Peeps

hehehe... I just love our class pix. Anyways hope you comment this post in ny tag board.

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