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Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 10:08 PM
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I was in a really good mood these past few days. From A.N.JELL to FT Island then to C.N. BLUE. I'm into k-pop these days. Maybe it's from watching to many dramas.

Today, I was enjoytng a nice day. eating ice cream, listening to my new fave songs and all that jazz. When my mom was watching tv, I got interested into a commercial. It was about Jessica Soho's show later that night. She's doing an episode about k-pop like how famous it is to young people nowadays. It also featured Suju's concert in araneta last Saturday. It was entertaining. I envied the fans who went to the concert. I WAS really in a good mood before I found out one Suju fan killed herself. I was like "Eh? What the F*CK?".

Taken from

The Korea Times gives us the facts:

According to police, [a] 16-year-old girl, Lee Eun-ji, hung herself in her room at her home in Daejeon early Tuesday morning [June 5]. Her mother was the first to find her. Early last month [actually, April 28], the girl appeared on an SBS television show titled "StarKing,'' where ordinary citizens with extraordinary abilities or stories compete for an award.Lee drew public attention to her loss of 40 kilograms, bringing her weight from 87 to 47 kilograms in three months. She said she did so in order to please her late grandmother who used to worry about her being overweight.

Although her mother said Lee had suffered from depression over the stress of weight control, many Internet users are blaming fans of boy band Super Junior for Lee's death. Her school friends revealed, “She took a picture of herself with a member of “S”, a famous singing group, who was one of the program’s panel members, which was the major reason for her becoming a subject of personal attacks.” She posted the picture on her own website.

Go to the site read the whole story.

So basically, this poor girl was hated by some (very many) Suju fans. I don't get why they have to be so freaking jealous! I'm a fan, not a die hard but if I have a chance I'll ask them to take a picture with me.Will they hate me? I've read a comment in the net that says "Being a fan should be fun." I 100% agree to that. Idols are there to entertain us.I can't believe how stupid they were. I've read that some of them apologize saying how sorry they are and hope she'll be in heaven. Guess what? She is dead. You can't undo what happen. You can be sorry for years and it would not change the fact that because of those selfish people who thinks they own suju an Innocent girl have suffered so hard. Ugh. So angry. This happen last 2007. years ago perhaps but I hope it would never happen again.

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.