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Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 4:50 PM
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Calling all VIPs. It's time to party. Big Bang's new MV was officially released by YG Entertainment yesterday. Their new song entitled "Tell Me Goodbye" will be the official OST of Iris in Japan. Without further delay here it is:

They have just proven that you don't need to strip down to look sexy :) Daesung in the rain looks so cool. LOVE IT. All of them did a great job in this Music Video. It's really rare for me to love like a Japanese song sung by Koreans.The song has a really emotional feeling into it and they're acting is superb!~ Ah. I can't help being a fan girl. *Screaming like there's no tomorrow* I haven't watch Iris yet. Was it good? I think I'll start watching it soon :D Can't wait for their comeback.

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