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Sunday, May 23, 2010 @ 9:37 PM
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U-KISS concert on Saturday. I wanna go :( My cousins went to their mall tour the last time they were here. They even got their autograph. Aika is so lucky for getting Kevin's autograph. I don't really know all their song. The only songs I know are Bingeul Bingeul and What. I got addicted I became a fan after watching Xander, Eli and Kevinn in Pops in Seoul a month ago.

Why Araneta? It's U-kiss' first concet ever so I expect people from other countries to be here on May 29. U-kiss is not as famous as Suju or Big Bang that's why I'm VERY NERVOUS for them. The tickets are really expensive and not all fans will watch their concert. I hope many people shows up. I LOVE U-KISS.

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