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Monday, May 5, 2008 @ 3:17 PM
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Ahhhh! Hey!Say!JUMP had just released their 2ND album. Its entitled "Dreams Come True"

here is the video....

I totally love this song. I heard that its gonna be the theme song in the Beijing Olympics [for the Japanese volleyball team..]. Well last time their 1st single was also use as for the Japan's Volleyball World Cup 2007 Theme Song. I was thinking of buying their CD, the limited edition one. Unfortunately nobody sells J-pop Cd's except if you look into an anime store except all Cd's there are anime soundtracks. So I have to order one via Internet. This really sucks. This are one of the times I really wish that I could live in Japan.

Enough about that, last may 3 we went swimming in Batangas. I think it was about a 1 hour and a half car trip. When we got there all I was thinking was jumping in the pool or running to the open sea. I don't know why but there were a many people there.

My sis, bro and me on the way to Batangas

My sis and bro playing in the sand

We didn't stay for too long. We left there about 1:45 pm mainly because I have to attend a tennis party late that night. Yes you read it rigth, a tennis party. It was like a fellowship for us so we can be close as a group and its also a chance for us and our parents to mingle with others. We were supposed to play tennis all night but because of the heavy rain our plans was cancelled and Instead Mikee, Aina, Ann, Inah and the rest of the gang ended up eating and eating and taking so many pictures. Too bad, I was really really looking forward playing tennis all night. Here are another batch of pix.

Mikee, Ann, Aina, Kayra and Inah eating in the clubhouse

here is another random one.....

The whole tennis team!!

Did I forget to mention how I love Hey!Say!JUMP.........

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