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Friday, May 16, 2008 @ 8:04 PM
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I'm pretty bored right now. Nothing to do but stay at home and be a coach potato. [Does that make sense?]

I've been watching a lot of dvd's lately. I dunno why maybe its just because I'm really bored... seriously! Here's the list of all the movies I've watch since I last post:

1. The Zodiac - pretty creepy movie about a murderer and its base on the real zodiac killer [its TRUE]

2. Norbit - Comedy.... it was just okay for me.. :)

3.National Treasure 2 - I haven't watch the first movie but its next on my list.. i like this movie it isn't that boring and its really exiting and a bit funny...

4. In her Shoes - nice story :)

5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith - another awesome movie I dunno why I haven't watch it till now..

6. The Forgotten - it isn't really scary as it sound but it was just an okay from me [I'm sounding like a judge in American idol.....]

Speaking of sounding like a judge in American Idol its gonna be a David vs. David Finals. I'm so exited about it, I dunno whose gonna win but thank God it isn't Syesha. I don't like her and I like Carly more than her! David Cook's performance last Tuesday was so awesome so I guess he has the upper hand then again David Archuleta isn't an easy opponent for him. I just wish Danny Noriega will be there at the finals. I love his attitude and he is so TMTH [ dANNY TALK: To Much To Happen]


waahhh! Danny and Ramile

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