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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @ 3:04 PM
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Wahhhh! Belated Mother's Day

Last Saturday the whole family went to our school for the enrollment. I saw some of my classmates there and it reminded me how much fun we had our school last school year. I miss them so much. After that we went back home just in time for lunch and after my mom got home a little bit later and off we go to the mall.

We celebrated Mother's Day that day even though its a day earlier.I was wondering why there were many people that day that's because Robin Padilla and Ai Ai were there to advertise their new movie. I didn't really care about it but many people were blocking our way that it took us time to go to the other side.

My mom brought me and my sis cute shirts while my dad and bro went straight to the theater and watch Iron Man. It was fun spending quality time with my mom. Earlier that day I'd ask my mom if she could buy me a tennis racket.I practically have to beg her to buy me one. After constant begging she finally agreed to buy me one.

my new racket

Mother's Day!

We didn't do anything special that day. We went to the church then to our Grandparent's house. During the afternoon I went to dentist to get my teeth pulled out. To tell you the truth its not that painful really and I get to eat ice creams for a whole week.

Good news: I get to eat a lot of ice cream.
Bad news: I'm not allowed to play tennis for a week.

I feel really bad about it. My new racket is still in my room unused and I'm positive that its sad. Oh well. My mom and dad went on a date to celebrate mother's day. [Yeah they still do that..]

Yesterday my friend Agnes went to our village. Angelie, my best, was suppose to come with her but she couldn't make it. Agnes walked for like 2 hours just to get here. I feel bad for her cause it was ho that morning. You should have just seen her face it was so red.

After letting her rest we decided to dropped by to Dan's and Mikee's house to borrow some DVDs. Then we head back to my place we watch "Little Nicky"

It was really funny and the plot was also interesting. After watching the movie we went to the tennis court. The coach taught them how to serve. I still feel bad about me not playing tennis.

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.