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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 11:01 AM
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I slept at around 12pm last night. I can't stop watching U-KISS. haha:P My tummy still hurts from all the laughing I did. On the other news, U-Kiss' first concert was POSTPONED not cancelled. Kissme Philippines must be so sad now. Thanks to Eun for the update. I read some very interesting comments when I saw this news in Allkpop. There was one that said the cause of all of these was probably because U-kiss is not popular enough while the others are saying that it's because of the expensive tickets. I doubt that popularity is the issue here.What makes U-kiss unique from other groups is that they are really CLOSE to their fans. I think that they're not as popular as Suju but their gaps are not that big either if we're talking about their popularity here.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. I really want to watch their concert but I still don't have enough cash with all the things I need to buy for school. If I can save up some money I would PROBABLY watch it. I really want to be there since it's their FIRST CONCERT EVER!

What the title is about :)

Last night at around 11 pm, I saw some sneak peak photos of our yearbook posted in Facebook. I LOVE IT :) I'm in the yearbook committee. I'm glad that it would be release this August. Much earlier than I expected since the batch before us is not yet done with theirs. Take a sneak peak here (click the image to get a bigger view):

These are two my fave pages. It shows how hardworking we are and are wacky side. haha :P

Going to meetings and constantly rechecking everything last April was so worth it. I miss my school :D Our yearbook would be in a magazine-ish style. Kev thought of it. I can't wait to get my hands on my yearbook.

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