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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 8:02 PM
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Cinderella's sister is my new addiction. I'm really loving it. The story, the cast, the ost and everything. I hope I can finish watching this by this week since I'll be moving out on Sunday. 2pm's Taecyeon is an awesome actor here. He is so freaking adorable. My current fave part of this drama is when he was randomly dancing to make Eun Jo happy. Now on episode 10!

Oh, Glee's season finale will be tomorrow. yiee. Can't wait. I wonder what will ever happen to Rachel and Finn. I like Jesse too.I guess we all have to find out tomorrow.
I'm so jealous now. I want to go to college soon. I want to make new friends and hang out at the campus. I want to meet the people who'll be living in the same roof as me. ugh. I was gonna post a picture of my room but I decided to make a before and after picture next week. Off to watch some more :)

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