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Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 7:39 PM
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First Week in College and I'm already stress. No Internet for five days and no K-POP UPDATES! tsk.This is really frustrating. I'm actually feeling sad when I'm there. So many things to read in so little time. Being away from my family is killing me. I'm happy that I get to study in a good school but all of this is really big CHANGE for me. I'm going back there on Monday and there would be no Internet there again. *sigh*

News that I've missed:
1. U-KISS concert a success. wah! sad that I was not able to watch it but still... I'm so proud of them. u-kiss fighting!
2. SE7EN will realese his new album on July 21 (the day before my birthday. teehee)after 3 years. Can't wait.
3.Taeyeng's album. what? where was I that I've missed this?!?
4. Goo Hye Sun's a singer now. Not a fan of her new song though.
5. Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye tops the oricon chart. Not Surprise! ILOVEBIGBANG!!
6. Rain's new drama. getting excited.
7. Yonghwa and Seohyun MC on Music Core with Yuri. I love this "couple" haha.
and many more....

Wish me Luck guys. College is just another step that I'll have to take. FIGHTING!

To all my Online Buddies,
I would not be able to update that often because of TONS of homework!!! Please Don't forget me and give me the latest news about you and to the idols that we love. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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