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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 4:40 PM
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Glee's Season 1 is finally over. boo. It was awesome! I love it. Finn saying I LOVE YOU to Rachel is my absolute favorite part. Their performance was really unforgettable. I swear, I think I didn't blink when Finn and Rachel sang Faithfully, my fave song in this episode. At first I didn't really like Finn but because of this I think I'm beginning to love him. haha. I heard that they'll start shooting the season 2 this July and would probably air on September. Glee is such a big hit that there is already plans for the 3rd season. All Gleeks must be celebrating right now. I'm one of them ;D

A few days ago, I took a quiz in face book regarding Which Big Bang Member I am? You know what I got? Guess :)) Okay, here it is :

I'm Seungri!
You are SeungRi ! You love singing & dancing! Sometimes you feel young, and mature. Your very shy and tends to keep a lot of things to yourself. :P

I agree to this 100%. If I'm not Seungri then I must be Daesung. I think Seungri and I have similar personalities.haha. It would be quite shocking if I got other answers :) I miss watching this Maknae with his hyungs. *sigh* Be patient. They will release their new song soon ~talking to herself :P

C.N. Blue's LOVE won the M Countdown beating MBLAQ's Y with a mere 3 points. Not bad. They deserved it. LOL at Yong Hwa's reaction. cute :)

Only a few more days before school starts. Can't wait :D

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