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Thursday, May 22, 2008 @ 8:07 PM
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Ahh! David Archuleta! David Cook! Ahh!

Finally we all know the winner.... David Cook! Congratz...Wahh!. Even though David Archuleta lose I'm still and forever will be a fan! Likewise if David A. won I'll still be a Cook fan. I just love their performance! I also love their song choices. Chuchu's [our nickname for him even though some people call him Archie]performance of "in this moment" is just so awesome. I even memorise the lyrics! Inah still can't believe Archuleta lose. I don't really mind Cook winning because I think he's a good singer too.

I am your brother! hahahaha... just love that part so funny! Paula and Randy even join him.

Congaratz David Cook! I still LOVE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA!

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