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Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 8:37 PM
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waa! I miss blogging did you miss me!
School started out weird for me. New classmates, new room, new teacher and now we're on the 2nd floor. Gosh, can you believe it? I like some of my teachers but some [I will not tell names..] are kinda annoying.

enough about that have you heard style="font-weight:bold;">Hey! Say! JUMP!'s new song
its entitled "Your Seed". Its such an awesome song and there dance is
really really cool! I really wish I'm in Japan right now.

Have any of you watch Romantic Princess? Last July 13 me and my friends went to ABS-CBN to meet Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. Its actually a promotional thing. One thing I can say is that they are so COOL! I was like shouting CALVIN, CALVIN, CALVIN!"
the whole time then after shouting he look at us and waved at me. I was
so happy I could just die right there. For your info Kat2x was the one
who arrange the whole thing for us because her aunt was working there
and gave us a chance to attend the meet and greet. I LOVE YOU KAT! I
have to ask her first if I can publish thephotos . Yes I'm crazy about
them. Its not just cause they're so handsome and cute [obviously..]
other reason is that they belong in a Taiwanese boy bandFahrenheit! This might sound 'corny' but I love them! [aside from Hey! Say! JUMP Of course
..] When the meet and greet ended it was announced that we can take a
group photo, 20 people each, but not using our own camera.That suck so
much! And we were not allowed to ask for there autograph. I really
wanted to hug them. [hehehe..], When I was about to go down the stage I look back and found myself waving at We Chun and he waved back to. Yehey, happy again.

still felt the pain of meeting them in person and not having a chance
to have a descent picture with them. After leaving the studio we went
to eat insome kind of restaurant.[sorry I forgot.] Still grumpy I ate
my food as fast as I can so that we can get home on time. It was about
8:00 that time so Itexted my mom that we'll be home quite late. On the
way home we took that chance to say how cool they were cause they're
really fun guys. I thought it was kind of a formal thing but they can't
keep me laughing at every joke they make. I really enjoyed it. While we
were stillreminiscing about all the fun things that we've done that day Tita Joy texted Kat to gave her the list pf our names cause she's gonna ask them to give us their autograph. SO VERY HAPPY! Can't wait.

2 days later Kat told us that aside from putting their signature they have also put there dedication for all of us! SO VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY! still can't wait to get it.

Putting that aside, I would like to greet my friend Inah a Belated Happy Birthday!
She had a party at her house yesterday and I really enjoyed everything from the food to our endless singing. We all know that photos can explained it self with a thousand words so hear it is:
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