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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 @ 6:36 PM
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Why 92 you ask? I'm in the editing stage. XD

On with my life. Yesterday was so frustrating. HE is so annoying. Sticking to my friend like some leach. WTH! They may be friends(like last year) but there is a limit how one person can be such a pain. Does he think he looks good or a woman magnet or something? As if. AMP. I hope he gets the fact that what he is doing is not funny anymore.

Good thing today was incredibly great. Well, sort of. Only because Sir Navi made my day [more like afternoon].. haha:P Don't get me wrong I don't like him LIKE him.. He's one of the teachers who I truly respect and the only one I admired.. haha:P I now feel like a complete idiot in writing this. LOL. One thing I LOVE like about him is his voice. I still LOVE SA more. (SA is a codename for my crush)

I had this really weird dream where I saw my first love crush. :P
I thought I have completely move-on?? Is that a sign?

J-pop News :D
NYC's and Yuma with B.I. Shadow will release their new single.

My first reaction to NYC's formation... why are yama-chan and chii-kun in NYC??
How about Hey! Say! JUMP? Did Johnny-san forgot them?
I HATE TO ADMIT IT but I like their new song... IMISSHSJ<3


The reaction of the girls in the karaoke room was priceless. If I were there I would have fainted XD

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