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Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 8:24 PM
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Yesterday we didn't have any classes. There has been a case of A(H1N1) virus in the high school department. :0 This really sucks! We will not have classes for a 10 days
:[ I will not see SA and my other friends. [pati si sir..] HAHAXD

We went to ateneo this morning. To tell you the truth I was really exited going there for the first time but seeing many students getting their application forms made me so nervous. I know for a fact that ADMU is the best school in our country and seeing those students made me feel scared. Scared that I may not past the test. Ateneo is my first choice so I'm really hoping I can pass ACET. OMG!
I can already feel the pressure. After all, only one person from the graduating bach last year had passed ACET and she's the valedictorian T.T

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.