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Friday, August 14, 2009 @ 9:08 PM
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So many things to do.. hay!

Last Monday a friend of mine told me that my crush has a crush on one of the freshman. I don't know but I feel sad every time I think about it. BTW our fieldtrip was last Saturday. It was okay in its own way. Ghad! I can't believe I'm affected by all of this. We took a picture together and had talk a lot when we got to school I should be happy right. A few minutes ago I saw my first crush's FS and out of curiosity I opened the profile of a girl who commented him. Last February was their JS Promenade, TWO of the photos there a solo pics of those two... Jealous?!? maybe. I'm not sure anymore of what I feel about those two. To make it worse the exams are coming.. :(( T.T

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If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.