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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 6:02 PM
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AMP. why are some people so Lazy!! WTH. Are their brains so small that they can't do simple task. ugh. And what makes it worst that they think that what they are doing is RIGTH!! (steepid sister of mine)

I was so happy last friday. I have talk to him for quite a while. Kinilig ako ng sobra :)) It was kind of frustrating when he doesn't reply to my texts to him last weekends. Even if he texts me like good morning or whatever I'm gonna be so happy :D.

New in my life, I'm currently using my dad's old phone... N70. I know its not that great as the new models out there like an iPhone -ahem- (which I desperately like to have) but its okay as a TEMPORARY PHONE :D

bye for a while BLOG WORLD :P

If the road is rough, letting myself experience pain and suffering will make me go forward positively.